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The latest breakthrough for launching your trailer boat

“Once you’ve used it you can never go back to the old ways”

The boat owner who made this comment is of course referring to the Balex Auto Boat loader, a NZ invention that is taking the world by storm.
The Balex ABL2500 launches and retrieves your boat completely hands free and is so well built the marine industry is wondering why no one thought of it before now. The product has been commented by industry experts as the most revolutionary product in the trailer boat market and is ticking all the boxes for boat owners around the world.

Who is Balex Marine?
Balex Marine are a manufacturer based in beautiful Mt Maunganui and have a pipeline of innovative marine products, the first of which is in the Balex ABL2500 automatic boat launcher.
The ABL 2500 automatic boat loader is a disruptive new technology and innovation, which can launch a boat in 20 seconds and can retrieve a boat in just 30 seconds.

Who is buying the Balex ABL 2500?
You may be surprised to know that the product is sold to the older and younger generations for both new and used trailers. It appears that a wide range of people do not like the manual system of launching boats which involves negotiating slippery boat ramps and getting wet.

What is the Balex ABL 2500 made of?
the automatic boat launcher from Balex has high quality marine grade materials  that will provide years and years of corrosion free operation.

How does it work?
The ABL’s wireless remote control initiates and controls the launch and retrieval at the touch of a button. This can be done on board the boat or from dry land. The ABL2500 model can pull up to 2.5 tonnes and its patented technology uses a powerful, marine grade hydraulic system to load your boat quickly and safely on and off the trailer, with maximum control. The unit is comprised of 3 pieces as shown below.

Where can I buy one?
The Balex ABL 2500 are sold through a network of dealers and these are listed here.

Can I see one being used?

The team at Balex will be running demonstration days in November

11 November
Trev Terry Marine, Motuopa Marina
Another great Demo with Trev Terry Marine – this time at the new marina. Make sure you come along!

12 November
OBC, Tamaki Drive, Auckland
A special day for OBC members – a Q&A session followed by a boat ramp presentation at the OBC Clubhouse in Auckland.



The ABL can transform a new boat trailer or be retro-fitted to an existing one, giving you a smooth, controlled launch and retrieval.
The ABL adapts to your lifestyle – whether out on a solo trip or with family and friends.
It’s simple and intuitive to use, giving you a controlled launch or retrieval without the need for strength.

To enquire about your Balex Automatic Boat Loader please ring 0800 2253 962 or register your interest on

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