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Light gauge blue marlin fishing

Aboard a brand new purpose built boat, trolling in the windless lees of volcanoes in the heart of the Pacific Ocean with the Hawaiin Archipelago as the backdrop, it could be said Bonze, owner of Bonze Lures knows how to put all other business trips to shame.

The Bonze BTK lure was one of the top performers

Rather than sitting in an office having a meeting about when the next meeting will take place, Bonze can be found out on the deep waters luring marlins trialling his latest lures. We caught up with Bonze to hear about his latest trip to Kona, Hawaii, the location where he learned most of his lure fishing knowledge for three months every year working on game fishing charters before starting his business.

Over five days at the end of August, the marlin magnet master returned to Kona and met with locals Troy Burnett and Karma Campbell and angler Mark Gleeson aboard Segador, testing a range of light gauge hooks targeting blue marlin with glassy calm conditions every day, winds did not exceed 15 knots  with only a slight swell.

The first day on the water had Bonze driving Segador, Mark on the winding and Troy hanging off the leader, it was not long before a nice 200 lb blue hooked on to a ballistic lure.

“We were stoked to get the first one under our belts and the pressure was off now, next up we had a fish eat the violator on short corner at a spot called Hokena which is very close to land and always blows my mind how close some of our passes are. The fish went deep at first then showed herself, tearing the perfectly calm blue water to pieces. What a site, we all knew it was a good one and then she went deep again,” said Troy

“So we put some drag on her around 14kg, not bad for those little hooks. We then started to get some line back, up came the dacron loop then we could see some colour, a lot of colour, then I had my first shot at the leader, after getting a few wraps she came to the boat nice and peaceful.”

“I grabbed the bill then we got a good look at her.  She was an easy 500lb. Bonze was so stoked to get a fish like that on those hooks and in only 25 mins the team was pumped, to say the least. The Cors Light (yank beer) were flowing for the rest of the day.”

Mark Gleeson with a Kona blue ready for release

Over the course of the five days the crew managed to raise five blue marlins, get four to bite and catch three. Two of the fish were approximately 90kg and the 500 lb marlin as the highlight of the trip caught by angler Mark Gleeson which was released.

Bonze said although Kona may not be the hottest fishing in the world, the location always boasts flat calm waters and is a stunning place with everything you need for a successful trip with easy access and the time change very easy.

“All of these were very special as the gear we used was what we normally fish for our stripies back here in New Zealand but they handled the big Blue marlin no problem.”

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