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How to make wild pork bacon using Dunninghams dry cure mix

This month we will be learning how to make bacon using Dunninghams dry cure mix


1. Separate the shoulder

This dry cure is perfect for DIY bacon as you don’t need a pump to inject the meat to cure it. We are using a shoulder and the middle for this bacon. The first step is to separate the shoulder and middle by cutting straight through at the end of the shoulder blade.


2. Bone out the pork shoulder

The next step is to bone out the pork shoulder (see the previous editions of the Adventurer paper for instructions) and butterfly the shoulder out so that it is flat and even.


3. Dry Cure 

This is the dry cure that I am using, you can purchase this from Dunninghams and has all the instructions on the side of the tub. The smaller tubs are ideal as you don’t have to buy in bulk.


4. Measuring the correct amount

The recommended dose per kg of meat is 50g so you will need to weigh your pork after it has been boned out then weigh out the appropriate amount of dry cure.


5. Apply the Dry Cure

Now we need to evenly distribute the dry cure over the meat, making sure to rub the meat after you have sprinkled on the dry cure to ensure the dry cure is applied correctly to all parts of the meat.


6. Vacuum pack 

After that is done we need to vacuum pack the meat down so that it is air tight.


7. The vacuum bags i am using for this are 400 x 500 and can also be purchased from Dunninghams along with plenty of other sizes depending on how big the product is that you are vac packing.


8. Rest time

Now that the meat is vacuum packed it will need to sit in a chiller for a minimum of 10 days, this time will need to be extended depending on how thick the meat is that you are trying to cure.


9. Netting and piping

Now that the product is sufficiently cured we need to move on to the next step of the bacon process. For this we will need a piece of piping and a roll of spring net. The spring net can also be purchased from Dunninghams.


10. For the perfect wild pork bacon we need to make sure that it is presented well in the spring net. For the middle bacon i cut it in half and rolled the two halves together, while the shoulder I just rolled up by itself. You want the rolls roughly the same size so that they cook evenly.

11. Smoking

Now its time to put them in the smoker/cooker. Depending on the smoker the process will vary but what you want is to smoke the product first then cook it until it reaches an internal temp of 68 degrees.


12. With the smoking and cooking done its time to admire your beautiful bacon.


13. Slicing 

Now its time to slice your bacon. If you have access to a slicer that would be ideal or you could just try and cut thin slices with a knife but it all depends on your personal preference on bacon thickness.


Ready to eat!

Here we have our sliced middle bacon using Dunninghams dry cure, perfect!

Dunninghams sell a wide range of vacuum bags to suit almost anything you want to vacuum pack; I have used two sizes for different amounts of bacon. Be sure to check them out as vac packing products gives the product a longer life in the fridge and helps when freezing the product as the products are less prone to freezer burn. Have fun experimenting with your next batch of bacon, enjoy!

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