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How to make beautiful Bacon from Wild Pork

This month we will learn how to turn our beautiful wild pork into bacon using Dunningham’s products. We will be using this Honey-Dew cure which is slightly more sweet than your traditional cure. Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh bacon grilling in the morning along with fresh coffee and the sniff of Punga on the wind. So here is a step by step guide for making awesome bacon.


Step One: Mix up your brine 

Follow the instructions on the side of your Honey Dew cure as shown in picture.
In addition to our Honey-Dew cure we will be adding Dunninghams Maple Crystals to our brine mix. These Maple crystals are perfect for wild game as they give a sweeter flavour to eliminate that strong game flavour.

Make up a brine mix to suit your taste buds, by adding more brine mix and salt you will make a more salty solution depending on how salty you like your bacon. You can tell just how salty your brine mix is by using a Salometer/brineometer.
My personal preference is to have your salometer sitting at 30, just so it’s not too salty but still flavoursome.



Step Two:  How should you cure the meat. Two options listed here

There are two ways of curing your bacon. One is pumping your product with brine which is the quick way of curing and ideal for hams and thicker pieces of meat, and the other way is dry curing which involves resting the product in brine or a salty solution until it is cured. This method takes slightly longer. This month I will demonstrate the pumping method using this Dunningham’s pumping machine
Pictured is the pumping machine and needle

The first step in getting your machine ready for pumping is to flush it out with fresh water. I usually use around 10 litres of water for the first flush before I put any brine mix through.



Step Three: Inject the meat with brine

By stabbing the meat and injecting the brine into the meat through multiple angles with the needle you will effectively fill your meat with the brine required to cure you product.
The next step after you have pumped your meat is you will need to leave it to soak in brine for a couple of days to ensure the product is well cured. I recommend anywhere from 3 to 5 days depending on how thick and dense the product is.


Step Four: Protect the finished product with netting 

When your product is cured you will need to put it in netting. I like to do this because I find it retains the moisture in your product upon the cooking and smoking process.


Step Five: Now its time for the smoker 

When you have netted your product hang it up in your smokehouse and let the smoking and cooking process begin!


Here we have our end result. We have turned our wild pork into beautiful wild pork bacon, and everyone loves bacon!

Step Six: Cutting your bacon 

If you have a slicing machine available then you will be far better off cutting your bacon on that then using a knife as you can set the thickness of your bacon and it is a lot safer as you can utilise the hand grip to get the most out of your bacon



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