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German tourist lands 30 kilo Kingfish from rocks

A German tourist’s goal of catching a massive kingfish finally came to fruition at the end of his travels. Here is his story.
After six months studying the New Zealand coastline, my goal of catching a monster kingfish was bound to happen in an 18-day fishing trip with my friends, Dennis Verreet and Jon Bare.
I picked my mates up from Auckland Airport and drove to our final destination to meet Jon and get our tackle ready for a once in a lifetime fishing trip. I had my sights set on spin fishing but it was pretty quiet and a lot slower than the previous summer months.
After two rainy days without fishing, we jumped back to our spot on a sunny but windy day with high swells. After a few hours, I became really annoyed as I had lost up to six kahawai under my balloon by sharks and within 30 minutes, I was running out of hooks and balloons so I decided to concentrate on casting jack fin lures for the last hours of the day.
After two hours casting, my big moment was coming. At first, I had to look twice because I couldn’t believe what was following the jack finargo 180-f stick-baits; a pack of nine king fish, all of them easily over 20 kg, and they were all hungry as well. They were trying to get my stick bait on the surface so fiercely that they pushed each other away to get the lure.
Within seconds, a monster 30kg kingfish came out of nowhere and jumped above a smaller one and landed with his open mouth exactly on my jack fin.
So I pulled the hook three times really hard and after the fish had realised there was somebody pulling at the other end of the line, the funny part started.
The fish had a nice, strong first run about 30 metres under a drag pressure of 20kg on my Daiwa Saltiga
Dogfight 8000h. I then grabbed my spool because I saw a big rock under the water that the Kingfish was swimming directly for. A few seconds later I realised that my line was touching the rocks, so I grabbed the spool and locked up, the fish was not able to take a millimeter of line anymore, and I was sitting down holding the fish with all my might. Within seconds he was out of that rock, he turned his head to the right
The ultimate NZ souvenir and swam in the opposite direction. I put my hand on the spool and had another run about 20 metres in nice, clear water and was eventually able to bring the fish gradually closer.
The landing proved to be very difficult as we didn’t have a gaff and the swell was pumping. My mate was warning me of the big waves and I was fully concentrating on my fish. We eventually pulled him up thanks to the help of my mate, Dennis, and we couldn’t believe it when we realised how big the fish
was. It was a monster … the biggest Kingfish I’ve seen in all my time in New Zealand.
After some good pictures, I released the fish and my New Zealand mission was complete. I had got my 30kg+ fish and now I could happily fly back to Germany feeling awesome.

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