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Fishing options are endless with Takacat Portable Boats.

From drift fishing to coastal fishing, snorkelling or diving, shallow water fishing and floundering, or lake and river fishing, the versatility of a Takacat portable inflatable boat is remarkable.

To start with, it’s all about getting onto the water. This is where the portability aspect of Takacat comes into play. Being light in weight and very compact, you can easily transport your Takacat in the boot of a car or RV, on roof racks, or on the mother-ship. These attributes also offer you the ability to launch from many locations where a heavier portable boat or trailer boat is difficult, if not impossible. The quick-release wheels make life easy so you can get set up and get ready to go at the campsite, reserve, or at the beach and then wheel it down to the water’s edge.

Takacat is perfect for diving, offering easy access in and out of the water

Once hitting the water, the performance of the Takacat comes into its own. With a low-resistant catamaran hull and shallow draft, the Takacats are able to plane more quickly and efficiently with smaller or lighter outboards. This is a big plus in terms of outboard weights when transporting. Takacats also have the ability to jump up over crumbling surf, or negotiate choppy conditions or fast tidal flows, as well as obviously being a fun and efficient ride on flat water.

Being a fully inflatable boat, the Takacats are very quiet in the water so ideal for shallow water fishing where noise can spook the fish. When drift fishing, the Takacat tends to drift side on to the wind direction making it comfortable to sit on one side of the tubes with your rod out the windward side. If you like casting, there is no issue in standing up, as the boats are extremely stable due to the catamaran hull, oversized inflatable tubes, and a thick and very rigid air-deck floor system.

Takacat also manufactures a custom-made anti-skid floor fabric that provides better protection than any other fully inflatable boat on the market to date. This also provides added protection against fish spikes and hooks, etc. not to mention to providing great grip.

The Takacat packs away in this carry bag, making transporting a breeze!

Once back on dry land after a quick fish or a day’s adventures, you can simply deflate the Takacat (5 minutes or less) ready for your next adventure, perhaps just down the road or a mission a few hours away.

Check out the full Takacat range at and get set up for your spring and summer fishing adventures today.

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