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Creamy Rabbit and Whisky sauce

By Hunt Gather Fish & Forage NZ


Hunting rabbits is always good fun and they provide an easy source of meatfor when you don’t have time to get away for a deer hunt. Some of the great things about rabbits are: the meat is lean, they’re tasty, and they can be cooked in many ways. This recipe is good for those winter nights as it has a creamy base and, more importantly, contains whisky which is good for the dish and for the dram on the side.


1 rabbit jointed

1/2 small leek

1 carrot

3-4 mushrooms

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp oil

2 spring onions

1 cup of stock

1 cup of cream

salt and pepper



Finely chop the leek, carrot and spring onions. Cook these in a large frying pan with the oil and butter until soft. Add the jointed rabbit and salt and pepper. Pour in the cup of stock (you may need to add more liquid like I did to cover the rabbit). Simmer slowly until cooked. This is usually for about one-to one-and-a-half hours, depending on the size of the rabbit (when the meat is falling off the bones, it’s cooked). Keep an eye on the amount of liquid.



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