290.5 kg Blue Marlin out of Marsden Cove

Dan McCully has boosted the morale of the Marsden Cove fishing community by landing a 290.5kg blue marlin, a new record for the club.


Caught on the 11th January east of the Poor Knights at a depth of 200 metres with no wind and flat-calm seas, Dan was out fishing with his brother David and his nine-year-old son, Jack. The brothers were trying to land Jack a decent fish but as soon as the marlin struck, Dan was on the Kilwell Sceptre rod with a nearly three-hour battle ahead of him.


“I had spent the days before watching the SST charts and decided I was going to shoot out east of the Poor Knights where there was a bit of warm water coming in along the 200m line. We left Marsden Cove just before 7am in the Extreme 610 Game King, shot straight out to the 190m mark and set the lures,” said Dan.


“The Black Magic lure was only in the water for five minutes when the Tiagra 50 on the long corner started screaming. The fish broke the surface two or three times before heading for the horizon.


“We didn’t have a lot of line left so the drag was backed off and we turned and chased the fish, which by this time had already died and sunk to the bottom. I spent the next 2.5 hours with 20kg of drag on the new Tiagra 50 lrsa reel, and also holding the spool for extra drag before we could get the fish boat-side. We dragged it onboard and headed to the Marsden Cove Fishing Club to weigh it,” he said.


“At the hook-up I was thinking, ‘Man, this is a good fish!’ But afterwards I was so tired it was hard to get excited,” said Dan.


The fish was smoked by Dan and then shared around the local community.


“It feels good to have one up on my mates now. I’m picking it won’t be the biggest for long though, as there are a lot of big blues out there this year. It’s good to put Marsden Cove Fishing Club on the map as it’s a really good spot to gamefish out of,” he said.

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